EMCO MoveOnBoot

EMCO MoveOnBoot

Renames, moves or deletes any locked file or folder at the next system restart
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EMCO MoveOnBoot is a program that lets you manage files and folders which have been blocked by Windows or other applications. That means you will be able to rename, move, or delete locked files or folders the next time Windows starts.

If you, like millions of users, have experienced the annoying Windows error message when trying to handle a locked file or folder, then you must know the frustration it causes. The worst thing is that most of the times, Windows does not provide further explanation about why that file or folder is locked. However, this situation can be easily solved with this program.

The application includes a handy wizard that allows you to schedule the actions that the program will perform the next time Windows is started. Unlike other programs, this application does not force Windows or other applications to terminate processes that are locking files or folders. What it does is use its own mechanisms in order to unblock such files or folders so you can handle them as you like (rename, move, or delete).

The application's interface is similar to Microsoft Office 2007, and is easy to use. Besides, it includes several nice, eye-catching, colorful skins.

Important: Moving, renaming, or deleting locked files or folders can bring undesired consequences to your operating system. Use this program with caution.

Daniel Mantilla
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  • The program includes a handy wizard
  • The program's interface is easy to use and includes several skins


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